Shopping Centres Renovation


The very first shopping center in Romania has been developed in 1999 by Anchor Grup. The Group made history once again, when it relaunched Bucuresti Mall and Plaza Romania after the two-year-long complex renovation process with the budget over 31 milion Euro. The manifold refurbishment meant national-wide achievements- Anchor Grup is not only the first company in Romania that renovated its shopping centers whilst keeping them open for businesses and public, but also it is the first one to convert retail area into the office spaces (Plaza Romania and the launch of Plaza Romania Offices). All this contributed to the groups reconfirming its position as a market pioneer.


The vast majority of tenants in Bucuresti Mall and in Plaza Romania followed the suit by refurbishing and remodeling their stores according the latest trends of shop design.




Plaza Romania Offices Openning


Anchor Grup reconfirmed its status as a pioneer in shopping centers development in Romania by being the first to convert a retail area into office spaces. After developing the first office building integrated in a shopping area as a mixed project in 2007, the company also made the first conversion of a retail space into an office space, launching Plaza Romania Offices.

Plaza Romania Offices is offering 10.500 sqm. of office accommodation, with large floor plates, ensuring maximum efficiency in space utilization and glazed facade system, ensuring plenty of natural light for the employees. Tentants will benefit from all facilities: indoor & outdoor parking places, in conformity with international standards,  24/7 security, monitoring and cleaning.




Metropol Offices Project


Anchor Plaza Metropol is an A Class Office Building with high speed panoramic elevators, functional and architectural features such as attractive entrance, large atrium and flexible partitioning options. 

The office building has 13 floors. Leasable office area is approximately 34.500 sqm., with around 3.500 sqm. per floor. As well, the office building will provide to its residents 535 parking places, in conformity with international standards.

The building complex has three blocks of perceivable proportions, which are organized along both sides of glazed-over street with a transparent top atrium. The middle building contains utilities, vertical and horizontal circulation with open air balconies. Each office block has its own identity and inhabits its own space around the inner courtyard.

Interiors are designed to get light, with open air spaces, with emphasis on stimulating internal communication. Open bureau layouts offer a mix of office types as well as free spaces. Openness and flexibility organization support workflows, while transparency encourages information flow and communications.

The works on this building were resumed in 2015, the year in which the structure was closed with drape-like facades. Currently, the electric and mechanic installations must be set up, as well as the interior.

Its construction can be completed in maximum 11 months, including the interiors, which will be set up according to the specifications of the lessees. Anchor Metropol is suitable for large companies, offering spaces that are appropriate for offices or for functions with very strict specificities, for instance a private hospital or a hotel.

Situated in walking distance from one of the largest shopping centers in Bucharest, Plaza Romania, Anchor Plaza Metropol will benefit from the large variety of facilities of the shopping center.




4th Apartments building in Incity Residences


Premium residential complex, conveniently located in the center of the city, in close proximity to București Mall shopping center. The complex is located in walking distance from one of the largest shopping centers in Bucharest: București Mall, Dristor subway and Piata Alba Iulia.

The building complex has 11.450 sqm. land surface, 502 apartments and 530 underground parking places, 5.000 sqm. of green areas, playground for children, 24/7 security , cleaning in the compound, full service fitness center operated by World Class Academy and beauty salon operated by Gett’s Hair Studio.

Currently, InCity Residences means home for more than 350 families.